Illustrated by Karen Rudiger 1974

UPDATE:  Futurehuman™ Corp. is under construction.  Behind the scenes, we are working diligently to prepare a special collaboration of work for publishing with clear interpretations that stems from pure athletic experiences. Our long-range goal is to advance the physical education standards and step up to educate our communities about the importance of exercise training.  We believe in the long run that first-hand knowledge will ultimately provide the best learning experience. Our mission is to advance the next future generation and produce healthier bodied people around the world. 

  Meanwhile, Futurehuman™ Corp. is a growing a network of world-class trainers who share in these same ideals. We call ourselves Body Educator's™ and Body Teacher's™ and coined a new name category that separates our training and coaching experiences from those trainers who the lack athletic experience of an integrated body.

  Futurehuman™ is being built for 'for-all' people who want better body education and who would like to learn how to advance their physical training practice. Our mission is to provide leadership, motivation, and instruction taught exclusively by the best-experienced trainers and coaches.

  The Futurehuman™ mission is to promote fitness excellence. We will step forward to protect the intellectual contributions of all athletic people whos work has been concealed and exploited by those who fail to give credit. This misrepresentation injures people and created mediocrity in our schools and commercial fitness facilities. Fitness knowledge is dangerous in the hands of disintegrated facilitators. Let's face it, the foundation or fitness is learning how to train like an athlete by an athlete.

The Futurehuman™ Mission Statement: 

The Futurehuman mission is to provide new healthcare through delivering advanced body education that teaches people how to take charge of their their health and develop a body that is free to play!  We all need to participate in becoming a part of the heathcare solution and help those less fortunate to learn an understanding about the human body and how it functions. We need to empower one another. 

If every citizen took responsibility for achieving advanced fitness function, healthcare expenses could drop eighty percent! Eighty percent of healthcare costs are due to people neglecting their body and never having the privilege experience of learning how to build an athletic body.  In 2017 healthcare costs were three and a half trillion dollars, that amounts to an average cost of ten thousand dollars per person!  There are approximately three hundred and twenty-four million people in the United States and only one hundred and fifty million people are in the workforce to pay for these healthcare expenses. The working population can not carry this financial burden, too many people are working overtime leaving no free time for fitness. This burden causes more illness among the working-class and adds more expenses to the overall health crisis.  Our American culture is designed for physical neglect! This is a ludicrous problem, we all need to take more me time for fitness and recreation. 

We need to work together and become a part of the solution and end this age of healthcare anxiety. Every person needs more body education and needs to learn how to integrate exercise time to develop muscles and practice hygienic health care at home with family time and nutrition. The cost of neglect is too high, the body is a gift to be embraced and discovered.  Committing to this simple solution is what being Futurehuman is all about. Exercise and Nutrition is the Answer!  Together we could cut eighty percent of social healthcare costs by pledging to take personal responsibility and become a better a example for the next generation of children.

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