Kristi Toguchi

futurehuman™ Vice President 

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Karen Lynn Rudiger

futurehuman™ CEO founder

 KAREN RUDIGER is the renowned BodyTeacher™ teaching muscle mechanics for forty-two years. She is a world-class Trainer and retired world-class Extreme Athlete in snow skiing. Karen is famed as the Mother of “Personal Training” for launching the first ‘pay-per-service’ for private training in health club history at the former Jack-La-Lane Vertical Health Club of Manhattan. Her clientele throughout her career has included Olympians, Professional Athletes, Circus performers, Contortionists, Dancers, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and A-list Movie Stars including big-name celebrities like Liza Minelli and Mary Tylor-Moore to name a few. 
Karen is a fitness pioneer, and visionary, whose teenage curiosity lead her to illustrate cadavers and study human form through life drawing. She molded a skeleton from hard wax, then attached rubberbands at the muscle insertion points to understand functional movement. Shortly after, Karen teamed up with a friend to start a gym business; Image of Fitness Center in NJ, where she became known as the 'slimnastics instructress' for her extensive background in anatomy, exercise physiology, and movement. She taught weightlifting, created a strength-stretch class called 'Stretchercise,' and developed the first calisthenic class with 3-pound hand weights. The buzz around Karen’s ideas and leadership became featured in local and state newspapers, including the Herald News. 
In 1982 the fitness boom snowballed, and Karen developed a program makeover for the Woman’s World Health Spa franchisees. She retrained the staff, implemented the first resistance training program for women, introduced weight training, discarded all vintage workout machines (i.e., wooden roller machines and vibrating belt machines) and replaced them with weightlifting machines and dumbbells. In 1986, Karen moved to New York City to share her visions and ideas for body education, life science research and training secrets, with her clients and students. 
Karen takes great pride in being an advocate for fitness advancement and calls her work ‘body education’. Today, she continues to work with elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and a socialite clientele in New York City. She is the founder of Futurehuman™ Corp. Fitness, an organization that offers a rare training experience to mainstream fitness facilities. Karen collaborates with world-class athletic performers producing workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the RudigerMethod™, a new exercise science paradigm 'for all' ages and skill levels to learn the framework of physical training and exercise therapy.

    KRISTI TOGUCHI is a world-class entertainer and coach. By combining an eclectic blend of performing arts, Kristi has created a unique style of entertainment that has been recognized throughout the world.  She has been featured in national and international venues, performing for television broadcasts, corporate clients, and non-profit organizations.
Kristi is a 3rd generation magician, Aerial Acrobat, Contortionist, Dancer, Taiko Drummer and half of the Las Vegas Duo, The Femmes.  Kristi’s talent has been recognized with awards from the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  Kristi was also awarded the Lady Magician of the Century Award in Hong Kong and the Outstanding Showmanship Award in Japan. 

While attending High School, Kristi started her journey as the resident magician at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Hawaii.  Since then, Kristi has toured as a featured performer with the Pendragons Magical Theatre Company, Lindley Lopez Circus, Fern Street Circus, Tableau, and many more.  Kristi has danced with San Diego Dance Theater and has also choreographed and performed with the San Diego Opera’s production of “Turandot" and Westcoast Contortion. She was the resident aerialist at Tao Night Club in the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  She was also selected to represent Sony in the “Sony Moving Project” appearing on televisions in Sony Stores across the nation.  

As well as performing, Kristi is the owner of Aerial Fitness School in Las Vegas, NV where she continues to share her art and knowledge with the world.  Kristi's students have been selected to attend the prestigious Ecole National Circus School, while her other students have gone on to become professional performers with national and international tours.  Her students have performed for the Olympics, cruise lines, television, and the Motley Crue tour. Kristi is a partner with Karen Rudiger, as the Vice President of Futurehuman™ Corp. Fitness, where they collaborate in the production and organization of specialized workshops and seminars. 
Kristi trained at the Mid Pacific School of the arts-Hawaii, Alvin Ailey School of Dance-New York, Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus Arts-San Diego, and Flexible Body Art-Las Vegas.  She is a native of Hawaii and holds a dance degree from the University of California, San Diego.