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new exercise science!  

RudigerMethod™  Body Tune-Up™ & Rhythm Breathing™

The  RUDIGERMETHOD™ is advanced exercise science developed by Karen Rudiger. Her experiences are rich in history. She is an extreme athlete, exercise physiologist, trainer, mentor, and coach for 42 years. There is nothing more exciting to her than sharing what she calls 'Body Education' and knowledge to help others succeed in their lives and professional practices. Karen is self-taught and studied and trained over 4000 subjects to develop the RudigerMethod. Her new teaching paradigm will help you understand human anatomy and its functional capabilities, and how to integrate muscle mechanics into exercise training for better results.

Futurehuman™© Fitness Movement

At Futurehuman™© Corp. we are fitness leaders. We provide educational workshops and seminars for commercial fitness facilities, Dance and yoga studios, corporations, recreational centers, schools, universities, and more. We are professional athletes, extreme athletes, and artistic performers who coach, train and teach others our skills. We are the  BodyEducator's™, who love to inspire people to learn how to exercise through successful professionals. 

News & Events! ICC2018

The International Contortion Convention in Las Vegas. Karen and Kristi are honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people at the event. it was a fabulous show! Thank you Ska von Schöning for all your dedication to promoting the art of contortion.