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The Futurehuman™© Image of Fitness...

Imagine you grew up in the world differently, where humans evolved into muscular nimble bodied people performing extraordinary skills. Imagine growing up mimicking agile parents and teachers. Imagine how their knowledge of body fuction would influence your physical development. Imagine new generations of children learning the foundation of body-mechanics, perceptual function, and muscle coordination. Imagine if you had the necessary guidance to help you develop your body, build flexible-strength in a full range of motion, and aquire the physical skills that would support any elective activity of your choice. Imagine how this advanced physical development would affect psychological health, self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, and self-organization. Imagine building muscle-tone and muscle-function that is strong enough to carry you healthfully into the latest years of life. Just think about all the possibilities, rewards, and benefits that advanced physical development would instill on humankind in every single way!


Futurehuman™© visionary project was born in 1967, founded by Karen Lynn Rudiger. Introducing a new concept of a Futurehuman™ developing into an advanced functional being is a challenging undertaking. If we continue to live under false beliefs and commercialized regulations that keep us dependent consumers, how can we ever advance? This is why I believe health care belongs to education, not political healthcare policies. I propose fitness-care because the human body matters! I strongly believe fitness belongs to all, not regulated elite group that profit on innocent ignorance, only to deliver mediocre  knowledge originally gained from athletes. This is why I created the RudigerMethod™ as a new teaching paradigm, myofunctional science is not rocket science, all humans are capable of learning and developing a higher functioning body. The RudigerMethod™ is a foundational system for learning how to exercise. It is demonstrative, a new interpretation about human capability that defines exercise physiology into a new paradigm.

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Karen Lynn Rudiger