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      Welcome to the Futurehuman® new body knowledge and a new way of exercise practice 'for all'. Imagine you grew up in the world differently where your parents and neighbors had reached their highest physical potential. They  demonstrated physical equilibrium, advanced perceptual knowledge, and mobility in a full range of motion. Imagine your parents capable of performing agile skills well into their later years of life… How do you think this scenario could influence you and a future generation?

      The Futurehuman® vision tells a story, and through this story, I hope to m induce a new image of fitness in the minds of everyone and motivate people to build their bodies. But to arrive to a new model of fitness, we need new knowledge interpreting the human form and the potential for physical development. We need new kind of body education with rules to guide the practice of physical exercise training. The RudigerMethod™ is the answer. It is the first method for physical training guided by universal principles, and the first to define the nature physical potential for developing our bodies through the examples of athletic genius. The RudigerMethod™ is integrative, and links every form and level of exercise practice into one foundation. 

      The Futurehuman® mission is to connect people in communities through a shared experience. Body education is the key to bridge a shared sense of respect for the human body in exercise practices. Building the human body into a mature form is necessary for the future and eradicating most health-care problems of today. My name is Karen Rudiger, the author, founder, and senior body educator for Futurehuman® Corp.
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