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Think About this Futurehuman™© Thought:
Imagine you grew up in the world differently, where humans evolved into muscular nimble bodied people performing extraordinary skills. Imagine growing up mimicking agile parents and teachers. Imagine how their knowledge of body fuction would influence your physical development. Imagine new generations of children learning the foundation of body-mechanics, perceptual function, and muscle coordination. Imagine if you had the necessary guidance to help you develop your body, build flexible-strength in a full range of motion, and aquire the physical skills that would support any elective activity of your choice. Imagine how this advanced physical development would affect psychological health, self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, and self-organization. Imagine building muscle-tone and muscle-function that is strong enough to carry you healthfully into the latest years of life. Just think about all the possibilities, rewards, and benefits that advanced physical function would instill on humankind in every single way!

    Body education 'for all' people, is what Futurehuman is all about. It is common knowledge how advanced fitness levels lead toward healthier choices for a better quality of life. The problem is there are posers in the fitness training and medical industry who miss represent the knowledge of physical exercise training, resulting in injury from poor leadership. We want to help you make the intelligent fitness choices to you help you live healthier and injury-free. Learning from real athletes is different that learning from copycats who never achieved building an athletic body or demonstrated a physical skill with excellence. How can a non-athlete possibly integrate the knowledge of an athlete? Physical aptitude is demonstrative, it is a heightened level of body-perception that is earned over years of development through unique physical practices. We are not genetic freaks born as athletes, we choose to be athletic bodied people. Living life with an athletic physique is a choice, and the human body reflects the individual choices we make.

    My name is Karen Lynn Rudiger, the founder of Futurehuman™© and the RudigerMethods™©. We are the first global community of athletes to work together for a common goal to correct the mistakes in fitness training, and make a difference in the world. Futurehuman™ is committed to publish learning experiences taught from world-class trainers. We promote healthcare through a new view point in promoting body-education. We encourage participation in physical exercise for development of muscle-function. Since the beginning of time, the mechanical function of the human body and its capabilities have been demonstrated by extraordinary athletes. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the athlete has been exploited for centuries by industrial medical science, and the athletes knowledge continues to be observed incorrectly and misrepresented for financial greed.  As a result, pain and suffering is healthcare's biggest money train. The real answer is not our bogus healthcare industry, but genuine body-education accessible 'for all' people. Fitness belongs to body-education, medicine belongs to medical policy. Poor healthcare leadership costs the American family trillions of dollars in unnecessary medical services. Today, over fifty percent of the people who participate in recreational fitness programs get injured, this is not an acceptable practice! 

    At Futurehuman™©, our mission is to provide leadership, fitness solutions, training services, and body-education programs that all people can learn from and participate in.  Athletes know that producing a new kind of body-education that helps to guide people into how to develop the human body for better physical function, makes a difference in the lives of others. We believe it takes an accomplished athletic performer to teach fitness skills properly and demonstrate the principles, techniques and strategies for success. At Futurehuman™, we know that athletic leadership nd new body-education is an answer. After all, fitness ideas would not exist without athletic people in the world to perform  the amazing human feats that inspire the hearts and minds of upcoming athletes. Through advanced body-education, the healthcare industry of today will not profit off human pain and suffering in the future. Imagine, injury-free athletic bodied people, articulating in a full range of mobility, in the way mother-nature designed human capability. Ultimately, advanced function would translate into advanced physical development 'for all' people. This image of fitness, is what Futurehuman™ philosophy is all about. And the RudigerMethod™ is the new body-education series, the key of principles, techniques and strategies unlocking the secretes for developing and injury-free athletic body. [Subscribe today to be notified when the pre-order for the first book is available. 2019 date to be announced].

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Karen Lynn Rudiger